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Sweet Words

We have been delighted to receive many letters of thanks from couples who have chosen Tory as their wedding planner. Here are a few examples:

I don’t think I could have survived without Tory! In addition to being well connected ( I think she knows everyone in the wedding industry) and having a great eye for detail, Tory is exceptionally personable and knows how to decrease stress levels. I was unusually stressed during the few days surrounding my wedding and Tory took on communicating with vendors and family, coordinating transportation and deliveries, and decor. We had a detour on the way to the wedding due to an accident and Tory was on the phone with limo drivers giving them alternate routes to our venue. Everything she did for us was above and beyond our expectations.

Holls S.

We hired Tory as our wedding planner since our venue required us to have a wedding coordinator. We were so glad we had her, she met with us a few times and gave great tips on where to buy materials for our wedding. She was so helpful on also hiring extra help to help my mother-in-law decorate the venue. She is very personal, always positive, and she is a great resource to not only our the day of but also in our wedding planning.

Yunita H

Tory L Cooper is the most personable, stress-free, reliable confidante a bride will be lucky enough to have during her wedding journey!! When a few of my original plans fell through less than 2 weeks prior to my wedding, Tory stepped in and immediately took action. Not only did she take action, she knew exactly who and what to recommend according to our personalities and style as a couple. Tory has over 20+ years of experience and relationships in the wedding industry and her work ethic and personality will make you think you have found your guardian angel! Tory works extremely hard to make sure her bride and groom will have the wedding of their dreams and works with others in the industry who will do the same, so when she recommends someone you know they will also take great care of you. There are so many amazing things I can share with you about our wedding planning experience with Tory, not to mention how much our families love her- but I believe once you speak with her yourself you will know exactly why everyone who has worked with her has only positive, happy, and enthusiastic experiences to share!


She handled everything on my big day. She is so fun and personable too. She keeps you at ease. Every once in awhile she was a little tough to get a hold of But I wouldn’t change a thing. Also her services are an amazing value for what tout receive.

Ciarra L