Music makes the wedding day extra special. It adds heart and soul to the wedding ceremony and reception. When it comes to deciding as to what type of music to play on the wedding day, couples have two choices: life music and a DJ. When it comes to deciding which one to choose, you have to consider the following factors:

  1. Vibe – What type of music you want to play on your big day? As a couple, you have a particular music in mind that reflects your personality as well as the vibe or mood you want to set on your big day. What type of atmosphere do you want to achieve on your big day? If you want a lively atmosphere, then a DJ can help you achieve that. If you want something romantic and blissful, then a live music is the ideal choice.
  2. Variety – Music should not only be appealing to the couple but also to the guests. Hence, it is a must to have a variety of music, both slow and fast songs. It would also be nice to play both new and old music. That way, your guests will be able to take part and relate to the music.
  3. Space – You have to check beforehand if there is any restriction at the reception site. Is the reception venue huge enough to accommodate a live music such as a live band? Is the venue not sound proof? If the venue is near the city district, loud sounds are not allowed. Hence, you need to be aware of these things before deciding if you go for a live music or a DJ.
  4. Budget – How much are you willing to spend for wedding music? A live music is a bit expensive because of the equipment to use. No to mention, it is labor extensive as the equipment will be transported to the wedding venue. A DJ may cost less, but then again, it varies from one person to another. Professional DJs, especially DJs to the stars have an expensive professional fee.

Why should you choose a live music?                           

A live music creates a lively atmosphere. It creates a sense of sophistication, and the crowd will surely love it. The one singing can also act as the master of the ceremony. Depending on the music she/he sings, the crowd will be able to interact and feel the serenity of the event.


  • Nothing beats the pleasure created of a live music.
  • The emotion is raw. It excites the couple and the guests. It also tones down the atmosphere, especially when mellow music is played.
  • Live music can play a variety of songs. The guests can even request for the songs they want to play. It’s a way of drawing interaction and allowing the guests to take part of the most unforgettable event in the couple’s life.


  • Highly popular singers/bands are always busy. Should you wish to hire them on your wedding day, make sure you book in advance (6 to 8 months).
  • They have a flat rate/per hour rate. Popular singers charge a higher rate than typical singers/bands.


Why should you choose a DJ?

Disc Jockeys, popularly known as DJs are the ones that do electric mixes to achieve different styles of music. Many couples today, especially young couples prefer to have a DJ on their big day because of the lively atmosphere they create.


  • A DJ can play a different kind of tracks no matter how old or new the songs are.
  • DJ’s services are more affordable than live bands.
  • DJ’s are a perfect choice for a party feel wedding event.
  • DJ’s play a variety of tunes


  • DJ’s can’t beat the romantic and dramatic effect offered by live music.
  • If you happen to hire a DJ with a not so stellar personality, it can significantly affect the mood and overall feel of your wedding.
  • DJ’s sometimes have a pre-arranged play list. Although, it can be modified, sometimes doing so would take time. You can’t sometimes decide what to be played as the DJ is the one that sets the mood of the party.

When it comes to choosing a music source on your wedding, you need to carefully consider your options. You need to weigh the pros and cons. If you want to achieve a romantic and raw ambiance, then a live music sing by a professional singer or a live band is the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you want to achieve a lively party spirit, then a DJ can help you achieve it. Of course, you need to carefully consider your budget. Hiring a live band will cost you more than hiring a DJ. Many couples don’t mind the cost for as long as they were able to make their wedding dream come true.


If you are on a tight budget, it does not necessarily mean that you can’t have a live music on your big day. It is just a matter of doing a thorough research and comparing the rate of different singers and bands. You might not be able to afford the professional fee of popular singers and bands, but you can always compromise. There are not-so-popular singers and bands but are good at what they do. It is just a matter of making the right choice.


If you prefer to have a DJ on your big day, then make sure that the DJ you choose perfectly understands the mood you want to achieve n your big day. You also need to discuss the types of music you want to be played, especially if you are the type who does not like loud music. Everything you want on your wedding day should be thoroughly discussed with your chosen music provider. Plan ahead, know your budget and do a thorough research. It would help a lot if you are going to hire a wedding planner as he/she will make sure that every wedding detail is well taken care of.